Enhance Your Food Safety Program, Broaden Your Network, and Champion Food Safety Excellence 

Every year, food safety professionals gather to share best practices and research updates and provide expert instruction on the most critical food safety-related topics in the meat industry. From species-specific (pork, beef, chicken) Salmonella, irradiation, non-traditional interventions, and navigating a food safety assessment, the Meat Industry Food Safety Conference is the opportunity to elevate your food safety program, grow your network, and contribute to advancing food safety best practices. 


Mythbusting Irradiation

Separate fact from fiction as our experts delve into the often-misunderstood topic of food irradiation. Understand the science, safety, and benefits of this technique, and discover how it can be a powerful tool in ensuring food safety and extending shelf life. 

Controlling the Plant Environment: Monitoring and Sanitation

Uncover the fascinating world of plant biome monitoring and its impact on food safety. Explore cutting-edge techniques and technologies to maintain a healthy and safe production environment. Learn how to harness the power of microbiome analysis for preventive measures. 

See Who You'll Meet at the Meat Industry Food Safety Conference 

Don't miss your chance to hear from and network with scientists, government officials, academics, and industry peers from across the country. View the attendee list below and make sure you join them in August!

Jason Abbott
QA Supervisor
Gina Adami
Greater Omaha Packing
General Counsel
Sandy Adams
JBS USA Food Company
Head of Technical Services
Jeremy Adler
Technical Service Team Leader
Barbara Adler
Church and Dwight
Strategic Account Manager
Barbara Adler
Arm and Hammer
Strategic Account Manager
Josh Alfredson
Ryan Algino
JBS USA Food Company
Food Safety and Regulatory Director


 How Zero Downtime & Foreign Material Can Impact Your Business 

Unscheduled downtime and foreign material risk can significantly impact a company’s profitability. When plant leaders strive to eliminate these risks from their conveyor systems, they can meet or exceed their throughput and quality goals, which strengthens their position with customers. Join NAMI and Intralox in this webinar to discover best practices for eliminating conveyor-related production losses to improve overall business operations, drive results, and strengthen customer trust.



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