About the Event

This on-demand series is open to all meat industry professionals and stakeholders. Sessions will be available beginning June 23, 2021.

Part 1 : A Regulatory Overview of Humane Handling
Part 2:  Developing and Maintaining a Robust Animal Welfare Program
Part 3: The ABCs of Animal Handling
Part 3: The ABCs of Animal Handling LIVE Q&A with Temple Grandin (June 23 | 1:00 PM ET)
Part 4: The Humane Handling of High Risk Animals
Part 5: Stunning and Determining Insensibility and the Use of Firearms
Part 6: Types of Stunning and Stunner Maintenance
Part 7: What to Expect During a Humane Handling Audit

On June 23rd at 1:00 PM ET, we are pleased to offer a live Q&A session with world-renowned animal welfare expert Temple Grandin for her ABCs of Animal Handling. Grandin will take an in-depth look at best practices in livestock handling and stunning.  The session will cover a variety of important topics related to animal movement, facility design, stunning principles, and equipment options.


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