Jarvis Products Corporation

33 Anderson Road

Middletown, CT 06457

+1 (860) 347 7271



Jarvis Products Corporation is a leading manufacturer of high-end precision tools and robotic solutions for the meat and poultry industry.  Sitting halfway between New York City and Boston and located in the small city of Middletown, Connecticut, the company is part of New England’s long history of industrial inventiveness and manufacturing.  In business for more than a century and a recognized benchmark of quality and excellence around the world, the company quietly boasts an international reputation with branch offices and growing market presence in 20 plus countries across 6 continents.  Combining traditional craftsmanship with cutting edge innovation, the company creates cost effective and reliable solutions rooted in the fundamental notion that a healthier world is not only conceivable but within reach.  The goal, as it always has been, is innovative technology for better living, which is why food producers using the company’s line of hand tools and robotic solutions enjoy greater yields and efficiencies while consumers benefit from higher quality products everyone can afford.  Jarvis Products—home of innovation, service, and reliability, you can count on.