Discover Key Strategies for Continuous Improvement in Animal Care May 25-26 in Kansas City, MO

Wholesome, quality meat starts with raising healthy animals and providing the most humane care throughout their life cycle. Join us at the Animal Care & Handling Conference to gain valuable insights addressing issues affecting meat processing companies and key strategies for continuous improvement in animal care. This year's event will dive deeper into new technology and innovation in animal welfare. From advances in stunning methods and animal welfare research to gaining insights into species-specific animal welfare metrics and utilizing new technologies to drive continuous improvement, attendees will hear from leading academic and industry experts and walk away with best practices in producing and managing livestock and meat products.


Investment in Technology & Innovation in Agriculture

By taking advantage of access to technology, opportunities to improve animal welfare are becoming a reality. Amber Oerly, a senior analyst at Fulcrum Global Capital, joins us to share how investments in technology drive innovation in animal agriculture and how Fulcrum has invested in a portfolio that drives innovation by providing a pathway to bring new technology to the marketplace. Attendees will walk away with an understanding of how animal agriculture is evolving, helping to position your company to leverage innovation to continuously improve animal welfare. 


Physiological Changes During Transport & Slaughter with Dr. Kurt Vogel

As you prepare for the conference, we invite you to watch this pre-conference presentation on physiological changes during transport and slaughter with Dr. Kurt Vogel, Assistant Professor, and the Oscar Mayer Faculty Scholar of Livestock Welfare and Behavior at the University of Wisconsin, River Falls. This pre-conference presentation will provide an excellent foundation for the talks on transport and stunning during the conference, and understanding the physiological changes that occur that can help us better prioritize animal welfare during transport and slaughter. 

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