July 13, 2023 | 2:00 PM ET

From appealing non-compliance reports to product labeling to recent inspection issues and policy updates, NAMI's bi-monthly Regulatory Services Update provides members access to experts that understand how to navigate the regulatory environment. We offer a wealth of resources and support to meet and exceed compliance standards and provide guidance on FSIS policy, HACCP, enforcement actions, and recalls, among other regulatory topics. Keep up with ever-changing rules and regulations, join us for our next update on Thursday, July 13th, and stay fully informed on changes affecting your business.

This month's agenda will include:

  • Crisis Management (Preparing for Problems)
  • NR Workshop
  • Weekly meetings, how to get the most out of them and protect the company
  • Hot Topics, including Prop 12/Q3 Update and Dual Jurisdiction Update 

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The meat industry is uniting for the future by committing to the Protein PACT, which provides robust metrics for continuous improvement in food safety, among other operational areas. 

roya galindo
roya galindo
Director of Reg services
Roya Galindo serves as NAMI’s director of regulatory services. She first began her career in 2005 when she was one of the first successful consumer safety inspector interns (CSI) to complete the internship program for the Food Safety and Inspection Service. She worked as a CSI for a few years until she was quickly promoted to an Enforcement Investigation Analysis Officer (EIAO). After mentoring many of the EIAOs, Galindo switched gears and worked for the industry managing and refining establishment’s food safety systems. Galindo’s extensive background in industry and regulations allows her to provide the members with guidance on a wide array of subjects.

Clarissa Moreaux
Clarissa Moreaux
North American Meat Institute
Director, Regulatory Services
Clarissa Moreaux serves as NAMI’s director of regulatory services where she provides expertise on a variety of topics including HACCP, labeling, enforcement actions, noncompliance appeals, inspection issues, import/export issues among other regulatory topics.

Prior to joining NAMI, Clarissa began her regulatory career in 2010 as an Enforcement Investigation Analysis Officer (EIAO) for the Food Safety Inspection Service (FSIS) where she enforced FSIS regulatory requirements and gained valuable knowledge and experience that is currently used to help members. She later moved on to work for the industry in regulatory affairs and corporate quality assurance roles covering FDA and FSIS regulated products. She has experience with both USDA-FSIS and FDA food safety systems, 3rd party audit standards, supply chain, labeling, and regulatory compliance.

Clarissa has a Bachelor of Science in Food and Nutritional Sciences from Fresno State University of California and a Master’s of Science in Global Supply Chain Management from University of Southern California, Marshall School of Business. She is HACCP certified, Preventative Controls Qualified Individual (PCQI) and Lean Six Sigma Green Belt.

Norm Robertson
Mr. Norm Robertson
North American Meat Institute
Vice President, Regulatory
Norm Robertson serves as NAMI's vice president of regulatory services. Prior to joining NAMI, Robertson served as the Executive Associate Director of Regulatory Issues at the North American Meat Association (NAMA), where he managed a highly skilled Regulatory Services staff. He began his career as a Slaughter Food Inspector in Vernon, California, in 1990. Robertson was promoted to an off line pro­cessing position in 1993 and then to a Consumer Safety Inspector position in the Long Beach Circuit in 1994. In 2001, Robertson was selected as one of two individuals to be promoted to the position of Consumer Safety Officer (CSO), now referred to as an Enforcement Investigation and Analysis Officer (EIAO), in the Alameda District. After work­ing for almost two years as a CSO, he was selected to be a Frontline Supervisor (FLS) in Vernon and then Petaluma, California, and finally as the District Case Specialist in the Alameda District. Robertson participated in national level workgroups and assisted in the official classroom training of subsequent EIAO classes during his time at USDA. Robertson’s experience working at various levels of USDA has provided him with a detailed and thorough understanding of how the regulatory Agency operates, which adds a strong regulatory skill-set to help our general members navigate the regulatory environment.

Please download and review these resources before the meeting at your convenience: