June 29th, 2023 | 2:00 PM ET 

The Food and Agriculture-Information Sharing and Analysis Center (Food and Ag-ISAC) was launched in May of this year to help food and agriculture companies defend against a vast array of threats targeting the industry.  This ISAC released a guide to help small and medium-sized food and agriculture companies to defend themselves against cyberattacks. Please join the North American Meat Institute and the Food and Ag-ISAC during this webinar to explore threats facing the food industry, detail how the Food and Ag-ISAC is helping companies defend against these threats, and show how organizations without non-technical resources can leverage the cybersecurity guide to better protect their business.

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The meat industry is uniting for the future by committing to the Protein PACT, which provides robust metrics for continuous improvement in food safety, among other operational areas. 

Jonathan Braley
Jonathan Braley
Operations Manager
Jonathan Braley is the Operations Manager at the Food and Agriculture-ISAC and the Information Technology-ISAC, where he leads a team of analysts that provide daily threat intelligence to members. With over 15 years of consumer and member facing experience, Jonathan specializes in curated analysis for the Food and Ag community and supports bi-weekly threat intelligence meetings for ISAC members. Jonathan also provides regular strategic briefings to members and partners, in addition to speaking engagements at industry conferences. Jonathan graduated from Liberty University with a degree in Information Technology.