Food safety is the first priority of food processors and manufacturers. In Corbion, you have a partner to meet your preservation, food safety and shelf life needs and more – in both cooked and fresh meat applications. 

With Corbion’s extensive history focused on food safety expertise, our team can help you solve preservation hurdles and much more. Our dedication to ongoing R&D allows us to develop a deeper understanding of food systems and make a difference in advancing meat, poultry, seafood and alternative proteins preservation and safety technology. You get all of this while maintaining freshness indicators in meat – coloring, purge control, water activity and maintained texture.

Corbion helps you to preserve what matters with expertise and innovation in meat, pet food and other foods categories:

  • The flavor, texture and experience of freshness
  • Natural pathogen and spoilage control
  • Time- and money-saving modeling tools
  • Product performance improvement


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Ashley Robertson

Global Marketing Director, Corbion