Every day, RTE manufacturers face the challenge of controlling Listeria monocytogenes to produce safe, nutritious products. This workshop will cover the latest developments in Listeria control, taught by industry experts using real-life examples from their own plant experience.  Workshop topics include process control, sanitation, sanitary design, environmental monitoring, investigations and corrective actions, and much more.  The workshop also provides critical information to help processors stay up to date on regulatory issues and changes.  This learning experience is designed to give attendees first-hand knowledge that applies directly to their plants with take-home action items for continuous improvement. 

Don’t get behind! The meat industry is uniting for the future by committing to the Protein PACT, which provides robust metrics for continuous improvement in food safety, among other operational areas.  Your participation in industry events will be critical to understanding the metrics and goals that will be driving the industry forward over the next 10 years. For more information, go to theproteinpact.org.


Fall 2022 Advanced Listeria monocytogenes Intervention and Control Workshop  is generously sponsored by: