Company Description: APPI Energy provides customized energy solutions for NAMI members, implementing projects for your organization as part of an overall energy management portfolio of solutions and services designed to generate value. Through our electricity and natural procurement services, we negotiate with suppliers to ensure you are provided with ideal pricing and contract terms to fit your needs. Our efficiency and sustainability solutions provide financially and functionally vetted solutions to decrease energy costs, reduce demand, and improve resiliency and sustainability. We are here as a true extension of your team, helping your team to set, meet and exceed efficiency and sustainability goals.

Benefits to NAMI members include:

  • Negotiate on your behalf: Advocating for you, not the supplier or the utility
  • Minimize risk: Analyzing contracts and monitoring regulatory changes
  • Provide customized solutions: Including comprehensive evaluations on demand and usage profile
  • Save you time: Evaluate local utility and government policies to ensure all incentives are being captured
  • Set goals: Working with you to set, meet and oftentimes exceed your efficiency and sustainability goals

Operating on a foundation of data-driven consulting solutions, designed to help you save time, money, and minimize budgetary risk on the energy procurement process, APPI Energy is unbiased, working with only the most trusted, heavily-vetted suppliers, as well as technology agnostic, bringing your organization vendors and technology solutions that are not only effective, but aligned to your needs and goals.

Contact Information: Oliver Hoad, Energy Consultant, EMP | 443.223.4023 |