Bunzl Processor Division specializes in the Jarvis Products Corporation line of captive bolt equipment. We are proud to be able to offer this line of equipment to your company because of the added value to you – our customer. Some of these advantages:


All of the Jarvis® stunners, replacement parts & power loads are made in USA! Jarvis® is the first manufacturer of handheld, cartridge-fired captive bolt tools in the United States. The equipment is manufactured in Middletown, CT. By adding this new line of equipment, Jarvis® has been able to hire an additional 13 US employees with plans to hire more as the business increases worldwide. In addition, Jarvis has invested in several CNC machines to manufacture the parts necessary for this line.


We have 26 service professionals to assist in the maintenance of Jarvis® equipment. These service professionals will provide personalized service to your company that no other supplier can provide. In addition, we have a service technician on-location in the Bunzl Processor Division warehouse in Kansas City, MO with over 23 years of experience repairing captive bolt tools.


As always, on-site support and training are provided at no charge. This is an ongoing offer during the life of the equipment. This training includes expert support on safety, cleaning & maintenance of all equipment and supplies purchased. All Jarvis equipment sold comes with a ONE YEAR WARRANTY. The manufacturer’s response time to customer needs is second to none in the industry.


Jarvis Products Corporation manufactures replacement parts that will work interchangeably with your Accles & Shelvoke tools. Give us a call to find the Jarvis® parts that will work seamlessly with your Cash Special or Magnum tools.


Bunzl Processor Division inventories Jarvis® tools, replacement parts and power load cartridges in several warehouses located throughout the US. A majority of these items are located in Kansas City, MO and Omaha, NE. The lead time for these items is very short – in most cases it is a few days to replenish our inventory versus several weeks delivery from competitors.


Bunzl Processor Division is a leader in the humane stunning, food processing and packaging industries, offering thousands of plant operation supplies designed to meet the needs of meat processors of any size. BPD is the exclusive distributor of the Clarity™ line of Cryovac Shrink Bags as well as Clarity™ Rollstock Film and Vacuum Pouches.  BPD also offers a dedicated equipment service team capable of troubleshooting and repairing all brands of rollstock and vacuum chamber machines.


Chuck Bildstein

Humane Stunning and Equipment Specialist



Ryan Malone

MRO and Equipment Specialist



Website: www.bunzlpd.com