Full Name
Alicia Pucky
Job Title
Vice President, Chief People & Corporate Responsibility Officer
Fresh Mark, Inc.
Speaker Bio
Alicia Pucky is the Vice President, Chief People & Corporate Responsibility Officer for Fresh Mark, a family-owned processor and national supplier of Sugardale bacon, ham, hotdogs and other specialty meats for more than 100 years.

As a member of Fresh Mark’s Senior Leadership Team, Alicia is a strategic partner, critical thinker and driven professional who is committed to the advancement of Fresh Mark’s business, as well as the development of its employees. She is an advocate for change and is responsible for designing and implementing the company’s people and corporate responsibility strategies that support the organization’s measured growth.

Alicia has held a myriad of roles throughout her nineteen-year career with Fresh Mark, including leading initiatives in the company’s marketing, corporate accounts, supply chain management and quality assurance functions. Her extensive experience with all facets of the organization have helped Alicia to support the evolution of the business while valuing the rich legacy that led Fresh Mark to where it is today.

Alicia earned her BSC in Organizational Communication from Ohio University and her Master of Arts in Communication Theory & Research from West Virginia University. She lives in Northeast Ohio with her husband, Todd and her two children, Alayna, and Andrew.
Alicia Pucky