Full Name
Ali Powers
Job Title
Wellness Coordinator
Sugar Creek Packing Co.
Speaker Bio
Ali Powers joined SugarCreek in May of 2019 as an HR Intern and came on as an HR Support
Representative working on Benefit communications and various HR functions. In January of 2022, Ali
was promoted to Wellness Coordinator and has since been leading SugarCreek’s Wellness Department
ever since. Ali has almost 4 years of experience building the Wellness Department from the ground up
and managing internal well-being initiatives. She leads a team of sixteen Wellness Champions that span
all seven of SugarCreek’s facilities and corporate offices that provide advocacy and support to
SugarCreek associates on-site. Ali graduated from the University of Dayton with a Bachelor’s degree in
Communication Management and has a keen interest in Health Communication and Strategic Planning.
SugarCreek Wellness has made significant strides to offering associates the most comprehensive
support solutions possible for their mental, physical, and life well-being needs. Ali is excited to continue
her work with Sugar Creek Wellness and has implemented two new lifestyle management programs in
Ali Powers