Full Name
Jack Waggener
Job Title
Senior Principal and Engineering Mgr
Speaker Bio
Jack has been a consulting environmental engineer for over 45 years and is a Licensed Professional Engineer in 15 States in which he has served the private sector throughout the USA designing, troubleshooting, and permitting industrial wastewater and stormwater systems. Since 1978, Mr. Waggener and his staff has successfully critiqued, developed comments, and negotiated for industry over 30 EPA Industrial Effluent Limitation (ELG) Guidelines during development, proposal, and finalization. This includes the existing MPP-ELG.
He has a BS and MS in Civil and Environmental Engineering. He started and operated a 150 employee engineering consulting firm (Resource Consultants, Inc.) for 28 years, which eventually merged with AECOM (75,000 global employees)..
Jack Waggener