Full Name
Tiffani Burt
Job Title
Sealed Air
Speaker Bio
Dr. Tiffani Burt is the Executive Director of the Materials Lifecycle Team within Sealed Air’s Innovation and Sustainability organization focusing on enablement of Sealed Air’s 2025 Plastics Pledge. Tiffani has been with Sealed Air for 8 years and has driven research efforts in the areas of microlayering and bioprocessing with her current focus being on sustainability. During her first 4 years at Sealed Air, she was a product development engineer within the Medical Division followed by a role leading a multi-disciplinary team with project areas spanning from machine learning to pathogen detection on the front end of innovation. Today, her team is responsible for using innovation to create a circular economy for plastic packaging through novel design enabling recyclability and developing collaboration scenarios across the value chain. She has a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and a Doctorate in Macromolecular Science and Engineering from Case Western Reserve University. Tiffani has been passionate about diversity and inclusion in STEM fields throughout her graduate and industrial career and is an active member of the Global Women’s Initiative Network Steering Committee at Sealed Air. During her spare time, she is an outdoor enthusiast and loves hiking and rock climbing with her family.
Tiffani Burt